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Established in 2011.

We have extensive experience in Hydroponics/Horticulture, design, layout and consulting. We pride ourselves in carrying all types and sizes of HVAC systems. From ductless mini split systems, to conventional split systems and package units. From 1 ton-30 tons. We carry all major brands under the sun. We will meet or beat any prices!


We specialize in Horticulture, Indoor gardening, Hydroponics and Organics, a Greenhouse Supplier.
Horticultural Consulting Services. Air Conditioning Systems, HVAC, Dehumidifiers. Hydroponic Systems, HPS, LED, CMH Lights. Carbon filtration for air and water systems. Grow room, cultivation, feeding, initial set up consulting.

Meet the Manager

Alex the store manager prides himself on being able to help people get bigger and better yields and provide exceptional customer service. With over 10 years experience in hydroponics/horticulture please feel free to come in and speak with me anytime.

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